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     Their cleaning services were great. The service I booked with Hoxton Cleaner did the job. It was cheap too which was just a bonus.
D. Jones27/04/2018
     When I finally moved into my own home, I didn't really expect I would be able to work on cleaning it the right way. That is why I looked for a reliable cleaning company and found Hoxton Cleaner who helped me out a great deal. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I made this month.
     I desperately needed my carpets in my new home cleaned so I hired Cleaners Hoxton. They had some great offers on and were wonderful at dealing with the unclean carpets. A representative called in and gave me a price which I was pleased with and I went ahead and booked them. The cleaners did a terrific job and used all safe products on the carpets that wouldn't cause any problems. The results were amazing and the cost very fair! Anybody who needs a good cleaning company use these they are top class!
Maria Long14/07/2015
     Hi my name is Thomas and I have been using HoxtonCarpetCleaners to take care of cleaning my house for just over a year. I would say that the level of cleaning delivered is very good and the staff are hardworking and polite. I am usually present when my cleaner comes and I get the full three hours of cleaning that I pay for. I have also taken advantage of their carpet cleaning services and was amazed at how clean they manage to get the beige carpet in my hall, they even managed to remove a couple of dark stains.
Thomas S.05/11/2014
     I was over the moon with HoxtonCarpetCleaners who has just done my home cleaning for the first time. From dealing with the call centre everything went like clockwork. I made an appointment, and was give a quote that I was satisfied with. The cleaners arrived with all of their gear and we went over what needed doing. The friendly staff got on with it and worked hard throughout the day. The house looked as neat as a new pin when they had finished. The placed sparkled great work and thank you so much to you all. I will be calling you again.
Ivy Green26/05/2014
     Every so often I do a massive spring clean at home which includes pulling out all of my appliances and cleaning behind them, as well as cleaning the doorframes, skirting boards and I may even attempt to clean my carpets and sofa if it needs it. This is a massive job and I never look forward to doing it but I love the after results when my home looks and feels amazing. The only problem for me nowadays is finding time to do it, its big job, it takes forever so least month I tried HoxtonCarpetCleaners and wow! Why didn't I find you sooner? I'm not doing all that hard work alone anymore, not when I can get those results for that price, thanks!
     I enjoy hosting ladies nights where we all get together, drink wine and have a good chin wag. Unfortunately, my carpet took a toll when a friend of mine accidentally dropped her glass of wine on my beautiful peach carpet. I called HoxtonCarpetCleaners and had my carpets cleaned. They managed to fit me in before the next ladies night and took a few hours to clean the carpet thoroughly. Not only did they remove the stain, but they bought out the natural colour to the unstained parts too. I was very pleased indeed.
Florence K.27/03/2014
     Ensuring that my house is clean at all times is very important to me, and I would not really be able to live with a place that was at all dirty. Being quite fastidious about these things, I feel a little sorry for the cleaning companies that I have used in the past, as they did not meet my rather exacting standards. In some ways, there is a lot to be said for HoxtonCarpetCleaners who were able to get the job done in a way that I agreed with, which is no mean feat! The price made them excellent value, and I will be using them again in the future.
J. Simmons07/01/2014

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